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April  2006
       Professional Email
       Your domain name or ours,
        3 min set up, anti-spam, 100mb

 Features include:

 - Anti spam

 - Folders

 - PDA mode

 - Folders

 - Large Attachmts.

 - Unlmtd Free Accts

  - Your domain or ours

  - Free Ad supported system or paid upgrade




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Never lose your Email again - Even if your ISP goes out of business!

Its true - the number one problem with Email accounts is losing them if your ISP fails or when you want to change providers. 

ZZN provides the most powerful email in the business.  And it is completely FREE

Just Sign up with our free system, try it and if you like it keep it.    Want to switch it to run with your domain name in 2 min.?   Easy, and only a small upgrade fee to our premium services.  You don't need to be technical! Don't have a domain?  Sign up for our free system and see if it will work for your business.  Millions of companies use it as is.

See if your Name is available in our free system...

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 Who is using ZZN Email? check out

English Country Homestyle

Family Matters

Online Business

Dressage Riders

FC Soccer Club


Need to send Powerful Email Newsletters to your customers that are Can-SPAM complient?  Check this out.


¤ Type in the Business name for your Free Email site

Type in the name of your business for the email system.  Free hosting included!

Type in the name of your business...

Powered by ZZN email.  Features include:

   Easy to use Template, you don't need to be a programmer to have  email  running in a few min. 

   Full Email for your site... you can give away unlimited free email accounts that tell readers about your site on the footer of every email.  OR, you can have private email accounts.  All have Anti-spam and Anti Virus protection.

  Free Hosting...  Your free email costs you absolutely nothing 


Up to 10, 10Mb -100 mb boxes starts at $49. a year! 

Pretty good deal.. but remember you don't have to pay anything to get started with us on our free systems ... try it out!



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